Committee to Elect Bob Gardner - Senate District 12

Letters from Bob

My Record

Dear Republican Friend, I am looking forward to seeing you Saturday at the County Assembly! As I have visited with delegates, many of you have asked me: “So, what did you actually do for us when you were in the State House?” That is an important question because many legislators, sadly even many of our […]


Enough of the distortions and lies!

Throughout my campaign for Senate District 12 I have endeavored to run a clean campaign about my record of Effective, Conservative, Leadership.  And the voters have responded so well that we are well ahead in all of the polling. We are doing so well that now my opponent is not only distorting my record as […]


Making a CHOICE!

Recently, I attended the 20th Anniversary celebration of Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy and the Vanguard School and was honored as one of the founders of CMCA. It is hard to believe that it has been twenty years since I and several other parents made the choice for our children by forming a charter school. My […]


Isn’t it time we actually DO something about Obamacare?

The recent and very disappointing Supreme Court decision regarding Obamacare has ensured that Americans will continue to suffer Obamacare’s high costs and onerous mandates unless Congress and state legislatures can act.  I have opposed Obamacare. I DO oppose Obamacare and I will CONTINUE to oppose Obamacare. In the coming months, many will see health care premium […]


Who is Leading Whom?

But Bob, they say you voted with the Democrats half the time?  How could you do that and still be a conservative? I get this or similar question from time to time and it is a charge my opponent makes frequently.  But, it is one of those glass half full or glass half empty things-or […]


I am honored to serve

Bob, why are you running? Why are you doing that to yourself, again? I know all candidates are asked similar questions and especially when running for reelection or another office. For me, the answer is that public service presents unexpected opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of people in our communities. Many […]