Committee to Elect Bob Gardner - Senate District 12

Enough of the distortions and lies!

Throughout my campaign for Senate District 12 I have endeavored to run a clean campaign about my record of Effective, Conservative, Leadership.  And the voters have responded so well that we are well ahead in all of the polling.

We are doing so well that now my opponent is not only distorting my record as he has for months.  Now, he is just lying.  This week he sent a letter to Republican Delegates stating that I wanted to vote to license Planned Parenthood to do abortions.  This is simply NOT true.

Last year, my opponent voted against a Bill that would have regulated Planned Parenthood.  The Bill would have prevented many abortions and protected the health of many women.  My opponent voted against his pro-life Republican colleagues and robbed us of a chance to protect life.

Now, he is running from his own vote by saying that I want to license abortions.  This is a lie.

I have a consistent record of opposition to Obamacare, support for TABOR, Second Amendment rights, and opposition to tax increases.  My opponent will say anything to be elected…ANYTHING.  Don’t be deceived.  I have a consistent record for our conservative principles.  I am honored to have the support of many conservative pro-life leaders including Tom Minnery and Joe Roach.