Committee to Elect Bob Gardner - Senate District 12


Bob Gardner is exactly the kind of committed, experienced conservative we need to represent El Paso County. With Republicans once again in control of the state Senate for the first time in years, we at last have a chance to turn back the tide in Denver. To get the job done, we must elect senators who not only stand up for our party’s core conservatism, but who also demonstrate TRUE LEADERSHIP – not shrill grandstanding, empty rhetoric or self-promotion, but a real dedication to public service and the ability to fight effectively – and win! Bob Gardner is the experienced, effective, committed conservative leader that we need NOW!

Bob on the Issues

Bob steadfastly OPPOSES Obamacare and its crippling effect on health-care consumers and employers.  Bob sponsored legislation in 2013 that made sure Colorado families wouldn’t lose their health-care coverage due to this disastrous federal mandate

RELENTLESS warrior for Second Amendment rights

PROTECTOR of taxpayers


DEFENDER of traditional marriage

Religious Freedom FIGHTER

TOUGH on crime