Committee to Elect Bob Gardner - Senate District 12

My Record

Dear Republican Friend,

I am looking forward to seeing you Saturday at the County Assembly! As I have visited with delegates, many of you have asked me: “So, what did you actually do for us when you were in the State House?” That is an important question because many legislators, sadly even many of our Republican legislators, simply serve until term limited all the
while bragging that they are the most conservative or that they “introduced” or “carried” bill after bill—but never passed any legislation of substance to protect you and your family from government or to make government transparent and accountable to the citizens. They don’t have anything to show for the time they spent in Denver on “your nickel”. So, I’d like to share a bit of my legislative record with you—a record of demonstrated EFFECTIVE CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP.

Despite my opponent’s distorted claims, I LED the fight to protect life, having Bob at the Legislaturesponsored the fetal homicide bill. In 2013, I was the Republican caucus member who stood firm against the assault on our 2nd Amendment rights. In 2010, when the liberals violated our State constitution and passed a dozen tax increases on our citizens, my opposition was so strenuous that the Democrat leadership actually tried to have me physically removed from committee hearings to keep me from exposing their attack on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. When the liberals attacked our religious freedom with their so-called anti-discrimination bill, I ran and fought for amendment after amendment to preserve our right of religious liberty and conscience.

My record is one of taking a courageous stand for our conservative principles. At the same time, even in a legislature controlled by liberals, I was able to sponsor and pass important legislation for our State and community. I protected veterans and service members by ensuring that while deployed, they would not lose custody of their children and when returned, that the court system would take special care to see that those suffering from PTSD were not wrongly punished and receive the help they need. I sponsored and passed legislation to punish drunk drivers who injured others by their reckless conduct. I sponsored and passed a bill to assure that children and people with disabilities that are victims of crimes are protected when they testify in court. Following the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires, I led the effort to create Colorado’s own aerial firefighting corps so that we no longer have to wait for the federal government to provide firefighting help when it is needed immediately. And, I spearheaded the effort to fund the Department of Public Safety Colorado Information Analysis Center to gather information about potential terrorist activity and protect Colorado’s communities and military installations.

During my eight years in the State House, I was recognized with over a dozen awards from conservative groups for my legislative leadership—awards from the American Conservative Union, Colorado’s United Veterans Committee, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, advocates for crime victims and people with disabilities, property rights advocates, opponents of abusive lawsuits, and advocates for patient choice and free market healthcare. All of these involved citizens recognized me for EFFECTIVE CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP.

My commitment to our conservative principles is unyielding. Even when our own Republican leadership tried to get me to support Obamacare (SB200) in Colorado, I stood up to them and voted NO! Then, when it became clear that the federal government would force Obamacare down our throats, I sponsored legislation to protect you and your family from losing your healthcare policies and ensure that you were not penalized on your tax return for not having the right policy.

My record is clear, indisputable and FACT! If you require proof, you can look it up in the state legislative record. I AM the candidate for Effective, Conservative leadership.

If we haven’t yet connected via email or phone, I’d love the opportunity to introduce myself and learn more about you and your priorities and concerns. I hope to earn your support and represent you in Denver. You can reach me at Let me know how I can best represent you as your next State Senator.

– Bob Gardner